Data Collecting & Leaking

We are Data Leak. We detect, analyze and collect electronic interference from the far reaches of outer space and translate those to audible elements in order to create our leaks. In 2004 we discovered a signal, well hidden between the interference. We have been able to decode parts of the signal and are now posting the results on this website.
As this signal is (of course) extraterrestial in origin, we have been doing our work well hidden from public and governmental views. Until now. Beneath you will find our completed decoding and transcoding projects. They now have been made available for the general public. Our preferred storage medium for this data is vinyl but for the sake of modernists and aliens we also present our data digitally.

In our Random Transmissions section you will find unfinished projects and partial results. Due to lack of data, low IQ or insufficient fundings these projects did not lead to a final, more logical conclusion. Nevertheless some of these leaks seem to grasp an unconcious knowledgebase not yet understood. Our team decided it has value to place these bits and bobs in a special section of this website.

If you have any strange thoughts or emotions during your data leak experience, close this website immediately!!!

leak 001

Data Drip e.p.

12" vinyl & digital
leak 002

Fixed Purpose e.p.

12" vinyl & digital
leak 003

Digital Curved Sky e.p.

12" vinyl & digital
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